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MOSA’s commercial purpose is being a step ahead its clients’ needs, taking part in international forums and congresses as well as staying in touch with renowned research centers.

In addition, MOSA regards itself not only as a malt and barley supplier but also as a part of something larger, along with malting plants, barley and hop producers and beer brewers. Therefore, MOSA’s philosophy relies on relationships of mutual trust and respect, seeking to strengthen bonds with barley producers as well as with our client beer brewers.

MOSA’s current client portfolio includes renowned Brazilian beer breweries that use up our plant’s full production.
Likewise, we supply the steadily growing market segment of craft beer producers in Uruguay.

MOSA has also shipped barley to South America and Western and Eastern Europe, too.

MOSA ships barley suiting each client’s specific needs: in bulk by sea or land, and in bulk containers.


MOSA produces and sells:

  • Pilsner-type malt
  • Barley
  • Feed Barley
  • Malt and barley sub-products used as animal foods