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Maltería Oriental S.A (MOSA) has over 85 years’ experience producing and trading malt. Its exceptional location in Montevideo’s suburban area is a few minutes away from the port and only a few kilometers away from its barley fields.

Maltería Orienta SA is a Uruguayan PLC with Nominative Shares whose main Shareholder is South America Properties LLP. It is a member of Grupo Petropolis, which is its main client and an important Brazilian Brewers Group. MOSA also develops business relations with Argentinian clients and Malt suppliers.

Founded in 1934, it is not only the country’s first malting Industry, but also the largest nowadays.

Its malting plant can process 140,000 ton per year and it will grow to 220,000 ton per year after the upcoming extension. Barley is a key raw material for the beer brewery industry and ranks among the country’s 10 main export sectors.
It directly employs 65 people and indirectly supplies over 1,500 further job posts.

The current barley-sown area stretches to 50-60 thousand hectares a year and there are plans to reach 90 thousand hectares a year.
The company has an Agricultural Development Department as well as a Malting Barley Varietal Development one, being able to register French and German varieties every year.


Producing and trading barley and malt that fulfil our national and international clients’ quality standards and, by doing so, achieving satisfactory results for the shareholders.


Being a solid, developing and lasting organization within the barley and malt production international market, providing its collaborators with a satisfactory work environment and being a socially committed actor.

Management Policy

In order to fulfil the aforementioned objectives, the Board leads the whole organization towards setting up an Integral Management System.

The company’s operations management together with the Board’s leadership will allow the Company to reach the following objectives:

  • A sustained improvement of our work practices
  • Our clients’ full satisfaction regarding quality, service and opportunity.
  • Improvements in our collaborators’ competencies in order to help them achieve the necessary efficiency in their tasks.
  • Risk prevention for people and infrastructures and the minimization of our activities’ impact on the environment.
  • The creation and application of all the measures necessary to ensure our product’s food innocuousness
  • A clear communication of this policy at all Company levels, making sure it is fully understood.

All these commitments are developed within the frame of our managerial continuous improvement process, fulfilling every legal and regulatory requirement that frames our activity, including those regarding occupational safety and health.


  • 1932


    Maltería Nacional SA is created.

  • 1934

    (Español) 1934

    Production of 7,000 tons./year begins

  • 1947


    Maltería Nacional SA, is acquired by FNC – Fabricas Nacionales de Cerveza.

  • 1953


    Start of civil works expansion to 21,000 tons/year.

  • 1955


    FNC malting plant – production 21,000 tons/year.

  • 1955


    Official inauguration, with the participation of President of Uruguay Luis Batlle Berres.

  • 1958


    First maritime shipment to Compañía Antartica Paulista – Brazil.

  • 1992


    Spin-off of FNC, Malteria Oriental SA is created and acquired by the Quilmes group – production 40,000 tons/year.

  • 2002


    Acquires Schiess group – production 46,000 tons/year.

  • 2002


    Production expansion to 60,000 tons/year with new malt dryer.

  • 2011


    Acquires Petropolis group from Brazil.

  • 2016


    New tower expansion to 140,000 tons/year.

  • 2022


    2nd tower expansion to 220,000 tons/year.

  • 2023


    Official inauguration with the presence of President of Uruguay Luis Lacalle Pou.